Raspberry Jam, Chocolate filled and chocolate dipped Cookies

Hi guys..I have a real treat for you today..I’ve put together this simple recipe of cookies which you can make and fill with anything of your choice like rasperry jam, nutella, vanilla cream. Here in my recipe I have filled these crunchy buttery cookies with raspberry jam, nutella and dipped few in melted chocolate. (more…)

Chocolate Tart

These chocolate tart are outrageously good !! With their buttery tart shells and dark chocolate filling, these mini tarts are gorgeous and delicious and perfect for any party.!!

After all the research I found this method of making tart dough which is buttery, crisp and easy to make just in a saucepan. This dough does not require rolling and chilling before pressing it into the tart mould.

The filling is simple, rich and decadent dark chocolate ganache. (more…)

Mango mousse cake

Mango Mango who doesn’t like mango.. My last post was white chocolate mango pudding it was a hit really…my husband and friends just loved it.

I had lot of leftover mango pulp from the last pudding which I had made and wanted to use this pulp so made this mango mousse cake for my husband’s birthday who is a mango lover..😊

Every time for his birthday I make him different types of chocolate cakes so this time wanted  to do something different. And even wanted to use my leftover mango pulp…😛

It was a yummy and delicious cake. The sponge was so moist and the mousse was silky, smooth and fluffy. It is a great and easy recipe.

And yaa I m sorry didn’t get a chance to click the picture also just click this picture which didn’t came out well as I was in a hurry to taste this cake..😁

Let me share the ingredients and instructions to make Mango Mousse cake..


White Chocolate Mango Pudding

This rich dessert is bursting with luscious mango flavor. It is a sweet dessert for summer hot days. I was thinking to make some dessert out of mango as my husband loves mangoes. He can have mango in any form. So I tried my hands on this dessert recipe from mango for him but was not sure whether he will like it or not.

So the end result of this dessert was rich, creamy and full of flavors. And guess what my husband loved this dessert, he couldn’t stopped himself  from asking more..!! 😀  I didn’t knew that it will be a hit. Do try this recipe guys, its simple and I m sure you will love it too…:-) Here goes the recipe:

Serves: 4


Choco Lava Cake

Choco lava cake the name itself sounds so tempting and delectable. A gooey chocolate lava oozes out of the cake is just mind blowing.

I surprised my parents with this chocolate lava cake and they really liked it.

It’s a easy recipe with simple ingredients.

Don’t wait for any occasion to bake this cake just bake it and  surprise your guests or your loved one with this amazing chocolate lava cake. I m sure they will love it.



Rasmalai is my favorite Indian sweet. As a kid I wasn’t very fond of sweets but Rasmalai was my absolute favorite. Moving to United States, I don’t get to eat it too often. Other day I was craving for Rasmalai and missing India…Lol..!! So thought to make it at home. It turned out to be yummy and delicious.

Rasmalai is an Indian delicacy made with spongy cottage cheese balls dunked into aromatic milk syrup known as “Ras”. It is a gluten free dessert, so those who can’t have gluten can enjoy it too.

Rasmalai is prepared in two parts : the Rasmalai balls and thickened and flavored milk.


Chocolate Truffle Cake

My husband is a huge fan of chocolate, especially chocolate cake. He always wants little piece of chocolate after his meal which is pretty much always. he is more of a dark chocolate fan rather than milk or semi sweet chocolate.

So it was our anniversary and wanted to bake a cake for him. I baked Chocolate truffle cake for him which he loves and can have it anytime.

Let me tell me you though, this Chocolate Truffle Cake will satisfy any chocolate lovers craving. This cake is so dense and so moist, and the frosting is heaven.


Sevai Kheer

Sevai or Vermicelli  Kheer, is a traditional popular Indian dessert made up of fried vermicelli, milk and sugar. Sevai kheer is delicious and very easy to prepare. You can prepare this recipe in 30 minutes.

Sevai Kheer is prepared in many ways and I will sharing the method I like and my mother cooks it the same way. So lets start with the recipe


Til Papdi and Peanut Chikki

Hi everyone!! this post is dedictaed to Makar Sakranti which is on 14th January. Being away from home, I miss celebrating festivals with great pomp and splendour. We used to celebrate this festival by flying kites, eating til papdi and peanut chikki.

For the first time I have tried making these sweet delicacies. I was a bit nervous to make them but they have turned out to be delicious and cruncy. I can say a perfect texture. 🙂

Til(Sesame seeds) are a great source of protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Jaggery is again a good source of Iron and Calcium. Both of them  Sesame seeds and Jaggery prevents us from the bad effects of cold weather.

So to celebrate the festival of Makar Sakranti let’s indulge in sesame and jaggery sweets.

Ingredients For Til (Sesame Seeds) Papdi:


Kesar Pista and Elaichi Shrikhand

One of my favorite dessert, Shrikhand is very popular Indian dessert famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Shrikhand is easily available in the market but can be made  at home easily with simple ingredients. It is made from hung curd and sugar and can be made in varieties of flavors .

Kesar, Elaichi and Pista Shrikhand is my favorite. Shrikhand with puri is a great combo, but you can have it without puri. So here is the recipe of  Shrikhand.