Matar Paneer

Hi, I will be sharing with you all the recipe of dhaba style Matar (Peas) Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese). For some people who doesn’t know what dhaba is. “Dhaba is the name given to roadside restaurants in India. They are on highways, generally serve local cuisine, and also serve as truck stops. They are most commonly found next to petrol stations, and most are open 24 hours a day.”

I just love Paneer because it blends really well with any other ingredients. I can eat paneer in any form like paneer curries, paneer parantha or paneer sandwich etc.

Peas and Paneer curry is one of the popular Indian recipe. And it’s my husband’s favorite.ūüėä

This is not a restaurant style paneer, it is typically dhaba style so the preparation is bit different but trust me it tastes really awesome. The preparation of dhaba style has no cream, cashews etc. On the other hand in restaurants they use lot of cream, cashews to make the gravy richer and heavier.

I like this style of matar paneer because it is light, easy to prepare and taste amazing.

Let’s start with the recipe of Matar Paneer


Veggie Burger

Hi everyone !! Being in United States I miss on lot of food items and one of the item which I miss the most is Mc Veggie Burger from Mc Donalds. ūüėõ . After searching and trying lot of burger recipes. I have finally got this one and trust me it tastes and looks like Mc Veggie Burger of Mc Donalds.


It is crispy from outside and crunchy in every bite. It’s really delicious and worth try. I am so happy that¬†now I can eat Mc Veggie in US whenever I crave for it…:-) It is homemade no preservatives, nutritious and yummy..!!

And it is totally crave- worthy veggie burger which is easier than you think to make.

This recipe has a special ingredient which makes this burger so delicious. No one will resist to give it a bite.

So here is the recipe which I will share with you all. Please try it soon and share your experiences.


Tomato Basil Pasta

I m a huge fan of pastas be it pesto pasta, aglio olio, tomato pasta, Alfredo pasta . I love them all. But my favorite pasta of all time is Tomato Basil Pasta. It is simple and saucy. I love the fresh flavors with it- the fresh basil and parmesan. Its a simple recipe with minimal ingredients. Serve this pasta with warm crusty bread or a fresh green salad.

So let’s start the recipe



Amritsari Kulchas with Pindi Chole

Amritsari Kulcha, hearing its name my mouth starts watering and I am sure yours too. Its one of the famous dishes of Amritsar, Punjab ( India). Though, I have never been to Amritsar but had it in Jaipur Rajasthan (India)  for the first time.

Kulchas are Indian flat breads which are similar to naans. Amritsari Kulchas are stuffed variants of regular kulchas and are filled with potatoes, onions, and certain spices.  These kulchas are usually eaten with Chole or Dal.

I usually pair these Kulchas with some Pindi Chole, (the recipe of Pindi Chole will be sharing here in this post). They tastes delicious together and a side of some radish and onion salad is a must have.

So, without wasting anymore time, lets start with the ingredients and recipe of the Kulchas and Pindi Chole.


Mix Green Salad with Corn and walnuts

For salad lovers like me a green salad with corn, mixed bell peppers, walnuts is always a treat.

I came up with this recipe when I had a similar one in a restaurant. I made my own version of the salad, and here it is for all of you. It is a low carb, gluten free salad.

I used Arugula, spinach, lettuce, red salad leaves, mixed bell peppers and corn. This also gives a nice color to the salad. I added walnuts to give a nice crunch to the salad.

The salad is healthy,  full of nutrients, mineral, omega, iron and yes very colorful !!

This salad is simple, healthy yet scrumptious!!

So, here are the details:


Paneer Jalfrezi

Hi, Hope you all doing great.!! ¬†Got little late in sharing my new post. Today I will be sharing a ¬†recipe of dish which I cooked on Saturday. As it was a weekend I didn’t wanted to cook much for lunch and even my grocery shopping was pending, so didn’t had much vegetables and other stuff in my pantry so with the ¬†limited stuff I had in pantry, ¬†I prepared this dish which was easy and quick to make. I had this dish in restaurants many times and like ordering this dish as it has lot of flavors to satisfy one’s palate. My husband who doesn’t like paneer much (I can’t resist paneer)… ūüėČ he too found it tasty and enjoyed his weekend lunch. This recipes has simple ingredients like Paneer, Bell Peppers, onion and tomatoes.

I guess paneer is the one milk product which is loved by everyone and it has a spicy and tangy curry which makes this irresistible.

You can serve Paneer Jalfrezi with Naan, Roti, Chapati or Paranthas.

So,  here are the ingredients and method to cook this recipe..


Methi Malai Matar

During winter season, when fresh methi leaves arrives in the markets, ¬†one can’t ¬†resist oneself eating “Methi Parantha”. ¬†From methi leaves you can make aloo methi, dal methi, muthiya(maharashtrian snack item) , theplas etc. One of the many Methi dishes my favourite is Methi Malai Matar. I have soo many memories from my childhood associated with Methi Malai Matar. In winters my mom used to cook Methi Malai Matar and chapatis. She used to make chapatis on Sigri ( a cooking stove used in olden days, the fuel is usually used is coal, cow dung etc.) All the family members of the house used to gather around the sigri and enjoy Methi Malai Matar.

Today, I tried making Methi Malai Matar using the recipe of my mom and it turn out to be  very delicious, yummy , rich and creamy. So will be sharing the recipe with you all. Do try this , I am sure you will definitely like it.

Share your experience in the comments.


Veg. Kolhapuri

Vegetable kolhapuri is a mixed veg curry. It is a popular dish of maharashtrian cuisine and is often found in almost all north Indian restaurants .

Lets talk about it’s background and derivation, Kolhapur is famous for red hot chillies and this dish has the taste of kolhapuri chillies which makes it so tasty.

Veg. Kolhapuri has a very aromatic and spicy flavor that it gets from specially blended curry masala powder and the best part of this curry is it has lots of vegetables which is healthy too. It is typically cooked with potato, peas,cauliflower, carrot. but you can cook it with the vegetables of your choice. You can even add paneer in this dish.

Veg. Kolhapuri is one of the dish which tastes so good and you can’t stop yourself eating once. I tasted this dish in mumbai in one of the restaurants and i like it a lot.

So today I wanted to cook something good for lunch and I cooked veg. kolhapuri and  it was super yummy. So will be sharing the recipe with you all.


Tawa Pulao (Mumbai Style)

I like rice in different flavors Рfried rice, tomato rice, lemon rice, curd rice, but this one is my favourite. It is one of the famous foods of Mumbai. As a kid I often used to travel to Mumbai and my favourite place to visit was Chowpatty, specifically to eat Tawa Pulao which I love till today. I never used to miss eating Tawa Pulao on my visit to Mumbai. It is such a simple yet yummy and tasty dish, I can’t miss eating it whenever I am in Mumbai. It is the recipe which is made almost similar to Pao Bhaji, one of the most famous street food of Mumbai. Pao Bhaji is made on the tawa or griddle and so does Tawa Pulao. Similar vegetables are used and even the masala is same for Tawa Pulao. So, after trying pao bhaji lot many times, I thought to make tawa pulao and guess what it came out so well and just similar to the one which I used to have in Mumbai. I was so happy and excited about it and thought to share the recipe with you all.

Here the details of the recipe: