Paneer Tikka

As you guys know how obsessed I am with Panner (Indian Cottage Cheese). I just love paneer. Paneer Tikka is one of my family’s favorite snack to order whenever we go out to eat. They all love it so much and so does me…:-D

Panner Tikka is basically paneer cubes marinated in a yogurt based spicy mixture with onions and bell peppers than arranged on skewers and grill or bake in oven. Traditionally in restaurants they are made in tandoor but you can make it in oven or stove top.

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Dahi vade or dahi bhalle

Dahi bhalle or dahi vade..!! This is north India’s one of the most popular dish in every household, everyone just loves it and so does me and my husband..😊

I made them few days back and trust me guys they were yum yum yum…the balls were sooo soft just melts in the mouth with the yogurt and other spices and chutneys ooh boy my mouth is watering while writing this post… 😄

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Moong dal ( split green gram) Paniyaram

With split green gram you can make different dishes like pesarattu dosa, this dosa is eaten in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is healthy, light and tastes delicious. Like here I have tried these paniyaram with split green gram and they were delicious too.

This recipe is easy to prepare which gets ready in no time. You can make it for breakfast or for evening snack. This delicious recipe is healthy option for your small hunger panks..

Here are the list of ingredients and steps

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Protein Bars

Protein bars I just love them and when you can make them at home it’s more awesome . It’s really great to make your own protein bars as you can control what is going into it. You can add ingredients of your choice and even you can control the sugar by using dates etc. that is why I love making  my own bars at home.

These protein bars are full of protein and Fibre.  It is very simple to make and takes no times. Here I have used some brown sugar and Manuka honey, almonds, walnuts and dried fruits like apricots and cranberry. You can use ingredients of your choice like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and for kids you can even add some milk chocolate, M&M, peanut butter etc. These protein bars are perfect for snacking and keeps you full for long period of time. These bars are so delicious that once you start making them at home I promise you won’t buy that from store any further.😊

That’s why I love making my own protein bars at home.

So here goes the list of ingredients and recipe for Protein Bars

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