Sooji (Semolina) Swirls

As Diwali is approaching and I am on full swing of preparing snacks, sweets for friends and family and I am sure you all must be doing the same.

Today I have tried these swirls which turn out to be crispy, crunchy and light to eat. Without making lengthy I will quickly share the recipe and ingredients of these swirls..

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Paneer Butter Masala

This is one of my favorite curry of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) out of so many. In restaurant they give paneer butter masala in a smooth creamy tangy gravy. I always use to like that because have never tried this version of butter paneer Masala, you all must try this recipe and I am sure you all will love it. This recipe I prepare on those days when you want to enjoy a nice and tasty paneer at home without much hassle of preparation.

The main trick is in this recipe which makes it so tasty and delicious is the ratio of onion and tomatoes. You have to keep it in mind for sure for best results. The ratio is always has to be 1:2 if you using one onion and use two tomatoes. This is the key of this recipe.

Binge on this recipe with any sort of bread you get your hands on like Naan, Tandoori roti, laccha parantha or even steamed rice. I prefer it with laccha parantha.

It does not have a long process and not much time consuming.

It is a hit in my family and friends..!!

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Kale chips

Kale chips you must be wondering what!?? But yes I made Kale chips today in oven and they were yummy. Kale has a different taste, the taste is on bitter side little. I like Kale in salads, smoothies. So this I thought to try some healthy option for chips rather than basic market bought potato chips..

I really enjoyed them. I have kept the seasoning basic here. You can add seasoning of your choice too.

Here is the recipe and instructions

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Moong dal ( split green gram) Paniyaram

With split green gram you can make different dishes like pesarattu dosa, this dosa is eaten in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is healthy, light and tastes delicious. Like here I have tried these paniyaram with split green gram and they were delicious too.

This recipe is easy to prepare which gets ready in no time. You can make it for breakfast or for evening snack. This delicious recipe is healthy option for your small hunger panks..

Here are the list of ingredients and steps

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Matar Paneer

Hi, I will be sharing with you all the recipe of dhaba style Matar (Peas) Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese). For some people who doesn’t know what dhaba is. “Dhaba is the name given to roadside restaurants in India. They are on highways, generally serve local cuisine, and also serve as truck stops. They are most commonly found next to petrol stations, and most are open 24 hours a day.”

I just love Paneer because it blends really well with any other ingredients. I can eat paneer in any form like paneer curries, paneer parantha or paneer sandwich etc.

Peas and Paneer curry is one of the popular Indian recipe. And it’s my husband’s favorite.😊

This is not a restaurant style paneer, it is typically dhaba style so the preparation is bit different but trust me it tastes really awesome. The preparation of dhaba style has no cream, cashews etc. On the other hand in restaurants they use lot of cream, cashews to make the gravy richer and heavier.

I like this style of matar paneer because it is light, easy to prepare and taste amazing.

Let’s start with the recipe of Matar Paneer

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Pin wheel Samosa

When in hurry and wants to make a quick snack for a party or guests coming at last moment or for a tea time snack….this is the recipe..!! It is so simple and easy to prepare with few ingredients on hand. It looks very beautiful.

They are bite sized quick alternate option to popular Indian snack Samosa.

Here I have deep fried these pin wheels, you can even bake it for a healthier version.

One thing you have to keep in my mind when you roll the sheet it has to be very tight so that the mixture doesn’t comes out while frying.

It is my one of my favorite snack to prepare in no time.

So next time you want to surprise your guest or family members do make this recipe. Do try this and share your experiences..😊

Let’s start with the ingredients and instructions to prepare this recipe.

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Grilled Tofu with Aglio Olio Pasta

Tofu is one food item with which I haven’t experiment much in terms of cooking. I always had it in my noodles,  stir fry etc.

I had loads of leftover tofu with me and wanted to try something new and different with it. After thinking a lot what to be made with Tofu, I thought to try grilled tofu. So for making grilled Tofu I  prepared my own marination with the things I already had in my pantry. And guess what it turned out to be very tasty.  So thought to share my own recipe of the marination with you all.

This dish has too may flavors. It is healthy, tasty and vegan!! You can serve it with green vegetables if you want to eat healthy, you can even serve it with fried rice if you are not thinking about carbs. Here I have served it with Aglio Olio Pasta which is a very simple and quick pasta . The best part about Aglio Olio is the garlic flavor. I just love that garlic flavor. I will share the recipe of Aglio Olio too in the same post. For this dish you can firm tofu from the store.

This is a great flavorful recipe for Tofu Lovers !!

Lets start with the recipe and instructions

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Betroot and apple soup

Winter is Coming !! One thing I like the most in this weather is to have a hot bowl of soup in dinner. Soups are full of nutrients and they are healthy. I prefer making soups at home like tomato soup, broccoli soup , etc.

Today, I will be sharing a soup recipe which is very healthy, nutritious and yummy. This rich and vibrant soup recipe is one of my favorite soup. It is simple, easy to make and very very tasty. Its makes a great healthy and nutritious soup recipe for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are the details of the recipe:-

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